We enable

your expertise.

We are a team of talented people, and together we invent the future of AI. Our company builder model (HI-POC) introduces a new horizon to expand intellectual property and create value in strategic business areas.

The team for

a new era

Experience, skills, innovation

We are the meeting point of professionals coming from the scientific and humanistic worlds, with thorough knowledge of technology, software development, machine learning, user experience, business model, marketing, intellectual property. Our adaptive and collaborative business organization enhances our stories and skills.

We gather experience

Careful, consistent and proactive listening: that’s our foundation. We have the curiosity to explore and the courage to deepen your domain knowledge together.

We model the present

We know how to filter complex knowledge and distill it into usable models.

We drive the future

We look beyond the horizon, constantly learning by opening new routes. We are curious and explore new possibilities, we challenge the present to push evolution one step ahead. AI and ML allow us to anticipate scenarios and trigger solutions.

A new commitment between

man, technology, and environment

AI algorithms are one of the tools that can definitively be a game changer in the ESG agenda. This is thanks to their ability to collect and analyze unstructured information and its predictive power. By encouraging a new commitment between man and machines mediated by AI, Human Interpretation takes up the challenge to sustainability. Thanks to our expertise, we will advocate a proper protection of the environment, a positive impact on both the territory and the community, and a business management based on good practices and principles.