From expertise

to company builder

A complete paradigm to guide the development of ideas, know-how and intellectual property.

From the essentiality of the Minimum Viable Product, here comes the drive to bring added value in strategic business areas.


Using an innovation funnel developed by Human Interpretation, the factors involved are clearly defined in order to design and validate products, services and business models, maximizing the probability of success.


After generating value in the development phase and securing intellectual property, HI-POCs can give rise to startups or be made available to the venture capitalist market.

HI-POC: our company builder model

Our company builder model inspires and guarantees the creation of valuable projects through the development of ML/AI based companies. While maintaining the agility of a traditional proof-of-concept, a HI-POC has these additional features.

Protected and documented

Identified at every stage and element in its intellectual property

Packaged and transferable

Identified in its hardware footprint, flexible with multi-tenant 

Described and communicated

Storytelling goes hand in hand with the development at all times

Designed for the user

User experience is at the heart of the Design Thinking approach to produce utility, simplicity and value.

Community of users

HI-POC is used and validated on a large scale, as the result of shared design

From Expertise to Proof of Concept

HIKU™ is the software developed by Human Interpretation to enable AI and ML assets, manage intellectual property, and create value at every stage of proof-of-concept (HI-POC) development.

Innovation projects

We promote human-centered AI, which learns from humans to understand their language, emotions and behavior, in order to support them in their decisions. We take a keen interest in ethical issues in the design, development and use of the software. Thanks to our skills and technologies, we take up the challenge to sustainability for a proper protection of the environment, a positive impact on both the territory and the community, and a business management based on good practices and principles.