AI Factory

We accelerate transformation processes by implementing AI and ML solutions with scientific accuracy, passion for innovation, and faith in human experience.

The Vision of Science

Visioscientiae firmly believes in a scientific approach to prediction and process management that, fueled by the disruptive growth of AI and ML technologies and with domain-specific expertise, becomes the key to unprecedented performance and opportunity.

The company

VisioScientiae is a spin-off of the University of Cagliari. Its founders are computer science researchers with a strong track record in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision, classification systems, sentiment analysis, big data, semantic web, data mining and trading systems. The management team also boasts experience in creating and developing successful ICT companies.




was established to leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms and to create and deploy innovative applications and services. Integrating techniques from machine learning, deep learning, opinion mining, and deep reinforced learning, VisioScientiae operates in several application fields such as:

  • risk prediction and management in robotrading; 
  • study of campaign popularity and sentiment analysis of social media posts;
  • development of platforms for smart mobility that integrate AI and road video surveillance to automatically prevent, identify and report anomalies and accidents; 
  • computer vision systems applied to medicine and healthcare, for segmentation of tumor images and automatic classification of diagnostic exams; 
  • end-to-end platforms and IoT systems applied to safety in construction, to detect wear and tear of personal protective equipment and certify steps in the manufactoring process.