Innovate and decide forward

In the two years since its foundation, Human Interpretation has comprehensively defined the technological content of an approach to using ML. This approach aims at enhancing human knowledge as a network connecting small data, building predictive models and supporting decisions thanks to an optimization engine. The vision of a company and a software product is thus formalized: HIKU is born.

The product

Currently under development at Cagliari headquarters, HIKU will be able to model company operations by generating digital twins to simulate processes during the creation phase of new products, integrating different areas such as design, sales, manufacturing and logistics, giving particular importance to ESG variables.

How it works

HIKU is made up of two modules, Innovation and Decision.

HIKU Innovation receives as input the statements of a distributed team and assembles them in the knowledge graph of a specific scenario, enriched by the available data.

This graph is the input of HIKU Decision, which compiles it into an inferable and predictive Neural Network. The simulation engine thus obtained is then optimized by the ML to outline families of possible solutions that respect the constraints and maximize the required goals. The analytics functionality finally allows decision makers to define the optimal solution.

The scientific base that supported the realization of the product is the result of the knowledge of a distributed team and of research projects started in eight universities (Turin, Cagliari, Bocconi, Bologna, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Lecce, Thessaloniki).