A new sailing experience

Based in Cagliari, home of the America’s Cup World Series 2020 and strategic base of Luna Rossa team for the next America’s Cup, the Sailmaster project enhances the sailing experience with AI and ML. The software supports skipper performance, reduces stress and improves sailing control.  A whole new relationship between the ship-owner and their boat that challenges, protects, teaches.

The product

Sailmaster is based on the “learn as you sail” principle, ensuring a complete view of every aspect of sailing and generating real-time advice and simulations to capitalize on the experience of users, whether experts or amateurs.

How it works

Taking advantage of the boat’s sensors, Sailmaster collects and analyzes data, integrating them with a knowledge base (maneuvers, sail use, gaits, VMG). The software, with the help of Neural Networks, represents a predictive AI that allows the continuous improvement of performance through the use of acquired data and the possibility to share them between boats in the sea of reference. The user experience is enhanced by the interface based on dashboards, 3D representation, voice assistance.

In addition to providing owners with improved performance and safety, Sailmaster also provides benefits to shipyards by supporting new data-driven design.