Shareholding in Syrto acquired

In the second quarter of 2021 Human Interpretation enters the corporate structure of Syrto. It was created by a team of researchers from the universities of Brescia, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris and Athens to carry out a project on systemic risk inspection in Europe. It subsequently becomes a university spin-off. With its entry, Human Interpretation brings to the project its formalized methodology of company building and its HIKU software, with the objective of continuing the research, and implementing a predictive software tool on the performance of economic realities.

HI’s software development laboratory is born

Human Interpretation has opened an office dedicated entirely to software development in Cagliari. It represents an essential element within the company builder model for the creation of value projects through the construction of ML/AI based companies. 

The new headquarters in Via del Mercato Vecchio was created with the aim of enhancing the presence of excellence in the Sardinian district in terms of skills and computing capacity (CRS4). The HI-Lab houses highly qualified personnel who are capable of managing the entire life cycle of software development, according to the highest standards of quality, security, and technological innovation.

Human Interpretation joins the Torino Wireless ICT Cluster

Human Interpretation is now part of the Piedmont Region ICT Innovation Cluster, the network that brings together excellence in ICT and Digital technologies to develop research projects for innovation, attract investments and build digital transformation programs.

Active since 2009, the ICT Cluster today is an ever-growing network. It features more than 260 members and promotes 150 collaborative R&D projects. It is one of the most dynamic organizations in Italy in activating synergies to increase the competitiveness of high tech companies, developing skills and offering networking opportunities.

“We are really looking forward to sharing our skills and knowledge in software development, machine learning, user experience and business model within the ICT Cluster. Aware of our know-how, we are joining the Cluster with enthusiasm and passion to develop innovation projects” - HI